Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Preperation for the Coming Season

Well it's already February! And with the first race of the season coming in March, it's important to get training bang on at this time of the year.

So far this winter I have been feeling a lot stronger. I think his is due to the core strength programme I have been religiously following and the intense intervals I have done both outside on the bike and also on the turbo. But it has not all been plain sailing, a bout of illness over Christmas - which then made a reappearance a couple of weeks later - left me feeling pretty week and run-down. But now that I'm over that, I'm feeling positive for the racing season.

For the 2012 season I will be riding as part of the CNP-Orbea team. These guys all have a really enthusiastic view of racing, and it will really help motivate be being part of a good team. I will have more news on the team after the soon to happen team launch! but until then have a look at their website. http://cnp-orbea.blogspot.com/ or if you have a fancy twitter account you can follow them on there @CNP_Orbea (and also my account @iainpaton2 )

For now though it is all hard work, with a training camp in the Scottish Borders this coming weekend followed by a week in Malaga, Spain for some warm weather! Which will be a nice change from the icy roads and numb fingers that have become a familiar feeling this year.

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